Monday , March 30 2020
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Driving in winter how to reduce the risk of accidents

Black ice, snow-covered roads, poor visibility – has put together some tips for reducing the risk of accidents in winter. Wintry driving conditions pose a new challenge each year. The risk of accidents in winter can be reduced considerably if you bear in mind a few points. has compiled the 6 most important [...]

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Pillar 3a when to pay in to save on tax

There are tax benefits to paying into a pillar 3a account. To ensure that the money arrives at the bank or insurance company in time to be deducted for tax purposes, you should make your payment before the holidays. Private pensions (third pillar) are becoming increasingly important. They can be used to bridge any gaps [...]

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Complementary medicine treatments covered by basic insurance

Basic insurance will cover selected treatment methods used in complementary medicine. So do you still need supplemental insurance? Some complementary medicine treatments have featured in the list of benefits covered by mandatory health insurance since 2017. There are five of them, as follows:  Anthroposophic medicine  Homoeopathy  Neural therapy  Phytotherapy  Traditional Chinese medicine Did you take [...]

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Car accident what should I do?

Accidents can happen – even to proficient drivers taking care on the roads. And maybe it's been a while since you completed the first aid course as part of the Swiss driving test, if indeed you took it. So here's what to do in the event of an accident. Despite driving with due care and [...]

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